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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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it's almost a traditional sign of summer. we've got big storms bringing high winds, rain by the bucket and hail to some parts of our region. thanks for being here. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. we will get to the tragedy in south carolina where nine people were killed. but first let's get right to chief meterologist topper shutt who is tracking these violent storms. >> this hail is about an inch diameter, nickel size maybe, and that's been a common theme with all storms, one reason we've seen so many severe thunderstorm warnings. here's radar the last hour. this heavy storm has moved almost clear of prince george's county headed towards southern maryland, calvert county, st. mary's and charles county and there is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect now until 6:15 as you get down toward
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calvert county, prince george's county heavy lightning, rainfall rights 1 to 2 inches per hour. you can see all the lightning west offed unhuntingdon and -- west of huntingdon and west of north beach. tremendous rain and frequent lightning all the way down to mason, everything pushing off south and east. get ready if you're south of here down into southern sections of st. mary's county or around prince frederick and down toward drum cliff. again put your umbrellas down. stay away from windows and do not cross a flooded street. 21-year-old dylann roof has been captured, but the nation is left to process the horror that unfolded in a place of peace, nine people shot and killed as they held their bibles inside a historic black church in charleston, south carolina. here is the latest on the shooting at emanuel ame church.
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acting on a tip police captured dylann roof in shelby, north carolina, this morning 250 miles from the shooting. the justice department opened a hate crime investigation. earlier today president obama expressed sadness and anger over yet another mass shooting in this country. >> the fact that this took place in a black church obviously also raises questions about a dark part of our history. this is not the first time that black churches have been attacked and we know that hatred across races and faiths pose a particular threat to our democracy and our ideas. >> the president said he knew several of the victims personally including reverend clementa pickney, the leader of the church. >> the reverend pickney was 41 years old and he studied theology here in washington d.c. in addition to being a
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pastor, he was a husband, father and state senator. to the d.c. connection, pickney studied at wesley theological seminary in 2012. one of his professors, dr. weans told us he was the sort of person everybody was honored to meet known as clem, humble and revered by everyone who came across him. >> everyone looked to him as a leader. he was a leader from the beginning. he was elected to the statehouse at 23, to the state senate at 27. he's pastor of one of the most historic ame churches in the country, but there's such a great loss to the church and society. he had so much promise and potential and spill so young. >> pickney was just finishing his -- still so young. >> pickney was just finishing his final project in the school set to graduate in may, 2016.
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meantime prince george's county executive rushern baker says he's particularly touched by this tragedy because he was personally acquainted with the victim reverend pickney who was a state senator in south carolina. >> so are others. surae chinn talked with family and friends who live here in d.c. >> reporter: family and friends of the pastor say clementa pickney was destined for greatness and had achieved so much already in his young life. >> i'm going to miss his voice. i'm going to miss his warm laugh, his kindness. >> reporter: lakisha stevenson comes from four generations of ame pastors. her grandfather was pickney's uncle and mentor. >> he was struck down because someone hated excellence. >> reporter: a family friend remembers when clementa pickney came to washington d.c. and led prayer service at metropolitan ame. >> i was like awestruck that
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here is this fellow from our little old town, a scholar and he was just destined for great things. >> reporter: here are family photos of happy times and pickney officiating his cousin's wedding. >> a family reunion, weddings, gatherings clementa usually gave the blessing or the prayer and now for my children, you know, the legacy will be in past tense and it's so hurtful. >> reporter: pickney leaves behind a wife and two young daughters who were inside the church at the time of the shooting. in washington surae chinn, wusa9. >> this massacre in charleston is being investigated as a hate crime. according to the southern poverty law center, there are 784 known hate groups in this country including klansmen,
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nazis and racial skin heads. andrea mccarren has been learning more about what motivates these crimes and the criminals. >> reporter: just before the bloodshed began dylann roof said, "i have to do it. you're raping our women and taking over our country. you have to go." this afternoon we spoke with a criminal profiler who takes us inside the mind of a man so diluted by hatred he allegedly committed a mass murder. >> he's blaming it on somebody. it's not his fault in his mind. >> reporter: dylann roof's facebook profile picture reveals a brooding young man. his jacket bears flags emblematic of today's south africa apartheid movement. >> usually these are underachievers, considered losers in life. they haven't achieved much and it's not their fault. they'll project blame off on some other group. >> reporter: many of roof's 88 face are some of the groups he
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follows. >> it's more of the paranoid ideation and the need to strike out against some perceived wrong or series of wrongs they feel victimized by. >> reporter: you pleaded guilty to this tragedy -- unique to this tragedy, roof intentionally let one victim provide to give a firsthand account to others. >> the fact he left a witness indicates this sort of need for power and control and the notoriety that he's finally done something in his wsworthy, that's worthy of attention. >> reporter: typically in mass murders mccreery says drugs and alcohol are not involved. mental illness is. he describely pathological. since 2000 the number of hate groups has increased by 30%. that's according to the southern poverty law center. in south carolina alone there are 19. >> roof reportedly received a 45 caliber handgun as a
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birthday gift from his dad for his 21st birthday. the heated presidential campaign has taken a back seat to the tragedy in charleston. candidates have canceled their events in light of the killings. earlier today south carolina senator and republican presidential candidate lindsey graham told reporters that his niece knows the suspected gunman. >> this young man apparently had a disturbed past. my niece was in elementary school with him. he was always apparently a little strange. >> graham who rushed back to charleston today adds that his niece did not recall roof making any statements tied to race. emanuel african american episcopal church is the oldest church in all of the south and it played a key role in the 19th century charleston slave revolt. that church has a long strong tie to the metropolitan ame church in d.c. where we find
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our bruce johnson live from there talking to people all afternoon long. >> reporter: we've got a few seconds. tell me what you make of all this. >> i think we have to come to terms we're a very violent culture in the united states. over 350 people have been killed by police. in the uk, for instance, last year one person and the year before zero. >> reporter: thoughts? >> we have a very oppressive culture. we need to start caring about the least, last and the lost. it's going to take leadership to make that happen. leadership is demanded across the spectrum. >> reporter: professor? >> we shouldn't have any illusions we're in a racial promise land in america. we intersect every day, but we haven't integrated. we have to get to know each other better. >> reporter: father smith? >> we'll talk about race because something tragic had happened and it's worth to talk about it. you wonder what's it going to take for us to keep the conversation going? the truth will make us free, but we've got to be willing to face the truth and talk about
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it. >> reporter: reverend? >> engagement and partnership bring together the best of our community, business, a deal ya, business leader -- academia, business leaders, clergy. >> these opportunities give us the chance to tell the truth, share our sorrow and cast vision for the future. >> reporter: rabbi? >> as jews we know what it's like to be slaughtered in our houses of worship and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our african american brothers and sisters to say we are with you in this fight. we are your allies. let us work together to create a more just society. >> reporter: back to you guys. >> a lot of profound thoughts and statements. now to recap these latest events, the fbi and other agencies are interviewing dylann roof, the young man accused in last night's shooting massacre at the church in south carolina, nine people killed during a bible study class and prayer meeting inside
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the historic emanuel african american episcopal church. acting on a tip, roof was arrested about 250 miles away from charleston in shelby, north carolina. roof waived extradition to south carolina. the u.s. justice department and other agencies have launched hate crime investigations into this shooting. you can get the latest on the church shooting in charleston and send your condolences by downloading the wusa9 news app. storms are blowing through our region tonight, possibly again tomorrow. topper has live doppler 9000 fired up and he'll be back with the
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you're looking live right now of a shot of dylann roof boarding a plane flying back to north carolina. he waived extradition to go to south carolina where he is alleged to have killed nine people yesterday in a horrific attack at emanuel ame church. >> he was actually arrested 250 miles away in shelby, north carolina. they're putting him on the flight on the way back. he was wearing a bulletproof vest. they removed it, searched him. now they're putting him on the plane for a short flight back here to face justice. in other news, as many as five people are dead and four
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others missing following through southern china. ne60,000 residents were relocated before the storm hit. more are evacuated now. forecasters are expecting another three days of pounding rain. today is the first full day of the islamic holy month of ramadan. >> it's a month long holiday of sunrise to sun set fasting for 1.5 billion muslims all over the world. that means no eating or drinking until 8:40 tonight. fasting is one of the fundamental religious duties of islam. during this particular month muslims spend time in self- examination and increased religious devotion and charity. nbc news says brian williams will not return as anchor of the network's nightly news but will anchor breaking news reports at the cable network msnbc. williams claimed falsely he had been hit by enemy fire in a
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helicopter. there have been other instances where williams misrepresented his experiences. lester holt will take over the full-time role as the nbc anchor of the evening news there. fast moving storms are sweeping through our region. topper is tracking them now about live
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we have a yellow alert for the evening showers and thunderstorms, live look outside, storms passed much of northwest d.c. temperature-wise down to 70 -- 78, winds cooled us off. radar the last hour, monster storms that produced the hail in fairfax, reversed through the district into prince george's county, charles county exiting portions of southern maryland. there are still severe thunderstorm warnings for our friends toward calvert county and into a little piece of charles county just east and southeast of la plata. charles county until about 7:00. prince george's county, st. mary's, calvert, charles until 7:00 and more warnings across the bay. we'll zoom in, talking heavy rain, frequent lightning strikes. these storms have had a history
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of frequent lightning. we're talking if we did a little scan between prince frederick's and mechanicsville probably 180 strikes in the last 10 minutes. not quite as dense of lightning strikes across the bay, but a severe thunderstorm warning for dorchester county. in the outflow boundaries in this big area of storms we have two storms that formed in the last hour with heavy rain around fairfax going out 66 tonight, just a nightmare and around oldtown and in between oldtown and mount vernon. these track south and east headed toward clinton on our storm tracker at 6:32 and brandywine at 6:40. main threat there again heavy rain. here's the storm reports. this is hail, all reports of hail, tree down and damaged winds around the sterling area out the dulles toll road. this is the tree was down at 5:00 in reston. we just picked a couple hails here. the biggest we found was ping
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pong ball size hail around chantilly, 1.5 inches in diameter around chantilly at 5:07. driving out i-66 was a nightmare today. it's getting better now, but heavy and severe thunderstorms this evening. then we're in pretty good shape, threats, frequent lightning, heavy rain and hail, hot again tomorrow with afternoon storms, probably not the same repeat performance, but a few could be heavy and bill's remnants will leave early father's day morning and give us a nice but hot father's day afternoon. 81 at 9:00, 85 on our day planner at 11:00 and 87 already by 1 p.m. saturday 90 afternoon storms, heavier storms saturday night into monday morning. dad will have a dry but hot afternoon. monday and tuesday low to mid- 90s, 80s wednesday and
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sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the nba draft is one week away. the washington wizards have the 19th overall pick and some of their needs, they could stand to have another backup point guard, a scoring threat to come off the bench that could handle the ball really well and another big man wouldn't hurt either. today the wizards hosted another handful of prospects for a workout that included justin anderson. the forward led the cavaliers last season to an acc regular season title and led the league in three-point shooting. anderson talked today about where he thinks he could fit in
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in washington. >> it would be deep in the wing. they could also start to go that way playing a smaller lineup. i could see myself fit. i would come in and have to learn behind some veterans kind of i can old it, but it's part of the process. once again i'm just -- i can tell, but it's part of the process. once again i'm just trying to find the best fit for me. bryce harper's fourth season with the nats started out as one of his most explosive batting .344, the highest in his career with washington .274. that was his total the end of 2013. this is the harper most expected to see. we sat down with mark lerner to ask about his superstar. >> funny, i thought that was a major moment because he really carried the team in the
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playoffs. he just loves the big stage and i thought he cranked it up a notch there. he's going to continue to get better and better. we just got to watch the journey because it's going to be an amazing one. the young pitching phenom mo'ne davis stopped at nats park today, toured the facilities with her team, met some of the players. we had to ask her does she think she could strike out bryce harper? >> i probably could. it depends where we pitch from, though. >> reporter: 60 feet 6 inches. >> maybe. depends how my pitches are working that day. >> got to love her and her confidence. nats welcome the pirates tomorrow for a three-game series. you can see harper and the gang all weekend long. coverage tomorrow begins at 7:00. i would love to see that. >> i would pay money to see that match-up. she'd either have bolstered
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confidence or -- >> no lose for her. >> that is true. thunderstorms are waning now, could see more thunderstorms tomorrow for the game. we'll follow that. temperatures around 90 both tomorrow and saturday and for dad looks like the remnants of bill get out of here in the morning, so maybe a hot but dry afternoon. >> you have redeemed yourself for all the fathers out there. that is it for us. the cbs evening news with scott pelley is coming up live from charleston, south carolina. >> we'll be back in 30 minutes for your only local news at 7:00. we'll see you then. >> bye.
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>> pelley: the sanctity of the house of god shattered by violence. a white gunmanzv opensĂș!zho historic black church. >> the heart and soul of south carolina >> pelley: mine people are killed. the suspect is in custody. >> at some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this typei] of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. >> pelley: as america mourn the words of a preacher echo from the past. >> we must note we must not become bitter, nor must we harbor the desire to retaliate withxm'z violence. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting ton charleston, south carolina. >> pelley: so here


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